Innovating HR×Technology
for over a decade.

Since our beginnings in Japan in 2004, we at Grooves have been finding new ways for people to find work while navigating the technological paradigm shift we live in now.


Pushing your career growth.

A successful career growth can only be seen by connecting the dots backwards. Any major change, victory or milestone always seems impossible at the beginning – until a push comes along. But sometimes those pushes are hard to come by and its difficult to know where to start.

Grooves uses cutting edge technology to create your push – by connecting you with opportunities to find new people, ideas and inspirations. Better communication between professionals and employers.


Working out the future.

Globalisation, inflation and the digital revolution has changed the landscape of the job market. But the uncertainties surrounding jobs worldwide has also create opportunities for more flexible ways people can work and build careers.

Grooves believes the future of work is being able to adapt to change. And our work is aimed at helping people become masters in their field, be part of a bigger community of collaborators and to create a better work-life balance that rolls with the changing job market.


Innovating results together.

Our core values are "Dare to Innovate", "Results First" and "Team Grooves".

In the age of disruptors, we want to dare ourselves to innovate new ways to challenge the status quo and create new opportunities for people to work with each other. Grooves also believes in the team project and prioritises a cohesive vision and workplace to achieve better products, together.