Preparing for longevity.

It is said that with the accelerated evolution of science, technology, and regenerative medicine; the children of today will have an average lifespan that exceeds 100 years.

Building infrastructure
of the future today.

With the prolonged lifespan, conventional work-life mindsets are no longer appropriate for the future. Grooves aims to leverage technologies by building HR infrastructure with this evolution in mind.

Where paths cross
and visions align.

Through the world best-selling book "The Shift: The Future of Work is Already Here" by Lynda Gratton, Co-founder and CEO Yukihiro Ikemi aligned his vision of how the future of work will be from the 3 major shifts spelled out by the book.

The shifts

Rewiring consciousness
for the future of work

If the world economy continues to grow at the same pace as the last half-century, the way we work will not be the same for much longer. In order to prepare ourselves for this future, we need to shift our way of thinking and the way we work, in three ways.

From generalist to specialist

We believe the job market is becoming the market of experts, where everyone must be a master of a specific skill to set them apart from the rest. Achieving this means continuously working hone one's craft.

From solitary to connectivity

Masters of any profession cannot exist alone and can learn more through collaborating with others who share their interests and skills. Better communication between employers and professionals makes the direction of industries more transparent and more collaborative.

From consumption to experience

We want people to have a sense of purpose in work and in life. Finding our client's worth and how they can use their skills to help others from is what we strive for. We do this by creating opportunities for career discoveries that will take people out of their companies, professions and even countries to work on gig jobs in areas that need skilled labour.

Principle Services

Our flagship services correlates directly with the three shifts. We consider work shifts that raise the value of working people to be our mantra, and we provide the requisite infrastructure through the use of technology.


We make work track records visible to cultivate growth and innovation for skilled workers.

Crowd Agent

We bring together people and companies that will overlap in a manner that creates optimal careers.

Skill Shift

We generate valuable experiences by providing people with opportunities to apply their skills and contribute to local communities.